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About Us

Welcome to Present Moment Rescue & Sanctuary, where each day is a gift! We foster love for uniquely abled (special needs) animals with full spectrum care for the body, mind and soul. Our specialty is working with hydrocephalus and hospice bulldogs and Frenchies embracing a non-invasive mentality.

Every soul that joins our tribe is protected, prioritized and celebrated no matter how long or short their earth journey is. We also work with some of the most experienced and forward thinking vets, specialists, therapists and healers in the world to give every animal the best opportunity to thrive and experience their highest potential quality of life.


Please message us if you have or know of a hydrocephalus or hospice dog looking for a place to rest their head and heal their heart. We would love to welcome them and always honor source confidentiality.

We look forward to having each of you be part of this growing vision of love and healing for the world!

Meet the Team

Our Board of Directors- Click on Pictures to Learn More About Us

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